PVC Thickening Boxing Pillar Vertical Inflatable Boxing Bag

SKU: 33003121-black

Color: black



-*1.High quality polyvinyl chloride
-*2.Good stability, thick bottom, foldable, easy to move
-*3.Soft material, do not wear gloves
-*4.This product uses a streamlined design of polyvinyl chloride safe and non-toxic material without any outstanding safety protection. Wear-resistant, smooth seams, increased water at the bottom, easy to use, and play with inflatables. Keep it from falling down This project has a white plastic cover at the bottom, you can open it and put in air, water or sand; it's okay and easy to use.
Use Method: First, fill the bottom of the sandbag with rice, sand or water, then fill the top chamber with gas.


Material: PVC
About color: (optional)
Color: yellow length: 160 X 65cm
Color: Red,Length: 160 X 65cm
Color: Black,Length: 160 X 65cm

Packing list:

1 × Boxing bag; patch (as shown)

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