Vehicle-mounted Vacuum Cleaner Wireless Handheld Dust Collector

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Do you have this problem? The car was dirty and covered with soot, dust and hair. This car vacuum cleaner has great suction and comprehensive cleaning ability. It will refresh your car and give you an enjoyable travel.


Comprehensively intercepting dust and particles to prevent secondary diffusion.
The accessories are so diverse that dust can't be hidden.
Suitable for home and car use.
Wireless vacuum cleaner, more convenient to use.
Reusable HEPA filters are more environmentally friendly(only can be used after drying).


Item type: Car Vacuum Cleaner
Product model: R-6053
Color: Black
Working voltage: 100V-240V
Vacuum degree: 3200Kpa
Rated speed: 29000-31000rpm
Rated power: 120W
Power cord length: Approx.1m
Package weight: 720g / 1.58pounds
Package size: 355 * 125 * 105mm / 13.9 * 4.92 * 4.13inches
Item Type: Vacuum Cleaner
Model Name: The accessories are so diverse that dust can't be hidden.
External Testing Certification: CCC
Item Weight: 720g
Material Type: Metal And Plastic
Special Features: Suitable for home and car use.

Package list:

1 * Main machine
1 * USB cable
1 * Suction narrow
1 * Small brush
1 * Auxiliary joint
1 * Stretch hose

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