Universal 6ft CPAP Tube 19mm Tubing High Performance Hose

SKU: 890031

Color: White



With universal connectors compatible with nearly all CPAP, APAP, BiPAP machine on the market that use standard tubing.

The 6ft tubing is exceptionally flexible with a helical wall support to eliminate tangling and twisting. The flexible tubing reduces pulling and tension for greater comfort throughout the night.

The CPAP hose has a 19mm inner diameter of the tube,Furthermore,the thermoplastic rubber cuffs are durable,made to reduce tearing and provide long-lasting use.

It is lightweight, flexible, and preferred by CPAP users for the relief of the tugging, pulling, and tangling experienced with standard CPAP tubing.

The flexibility of this tubing allows you easily move around the pillow and bed without causing a mask leak which will ensure proper sleep therapy.

The tube is indicated for non-invasive respirator therapy in the home,hospital or sleep-lab setting by a single adult patient.




Inner Diameter:19mm


Package Include:

1×Breathing Tube

Cleaning Instructions:

1.clean the tube in lukewarm,mildly soapy water.

2.Rinse the tube with clean water.

3.Hang-up the tube with both cuffs hanging downwards.

4.Allow the tube to dry.


Do not use harsh soaps,detergents,solvents or alcohols to clean the tube.

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