Underground Metal Detector Portable Hunter Detector

SKU: 16679245-set1-4030

Color: SET1 MD-4030



Color: Black
Material: ABS Plastic + Aluminum
Sensitivity: MD-4030( 130mm Test Coin: US Φ 25) MD-4030P(150mm Test Coin: US Φ 25)
Detect Objects: Metal(Iron, aluminum, coins, gold, bronze, silver)
Detection Mode: All Metal, Discrimination
Operating Voltage Range: 9V
Control: Power Switch
Sensitivity: Adjustable
Volume: Adjustable
Operating Temperature: -15~45℃ / 5~113℉
With LCD Screen Or Not: Yes
Power Supply: 2x9V Batteries (Not Included)


1、Do not shake the machine when using!
2、Please do not put it in the water!
3、The bag can only hold unassembled detectors.

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