Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Radio Frequency Vacuum Cellulite Slimming Machine

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Nominal Voltage: 110V


Instrument principle introduction

RF wrinkle principle

The multi-polar RF delivering thermal energy into the subcutaneous tissue makes the tissue's natural resistance movement produce heat , the heated collagen shrink immediately stimulate dermal layer to excrete more collagen to make up for contraction and draining collagen , thus to hold the bracket of the skin, recover skin elasticity When the collagen are produced continuously, it will increase the thickness and density of the dermal layer, fill wrinkles, eliminate scars, recover skin elasticity and gloss, making the skin white and smooth . With the collagen's regeneration and rearranging, the skin soft supports are presented, wrinkles are filled, sagging skin become full, tight, elastic.

Skin reconstruction RF principle

The multipolar RF system can change the electric field electric polarity of the treated tissue for millions of times within 1 second, the electric particles in the tissue produce rapid

Brownian Motion at the same frequency to have columnar distribution of heat. It destroys the hydrogen bonding structure of collagen to change the collagen molecule's triple helical structure thereby results in the collagen's immediate contraction to achieve the instant firming therapeutic effect. Multipole circulating system cause the dermal tissue's mild to moderate thermal damage and this process is similar to three phases of healing (inflammatory phase, proliferation phaseand remodeling phase).This treatment improves the shape of dermal remodeling thereby to reconstruct skin and eliminate severe wrinkles.

Skin fat soluble RF principles

The multipole circulating RF system generating columnar distribution of the heat in the subcutaneous tissue can release the triglycerides within the fat cells totally. It cracks triglyceride into fatty acids and glycerol by the lipase then excretes through the metabolism. Especially powerful intelligent system can realize the function of fat cells positioning, quantitative release of triglycerides, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss, body sculpting.

40k cavitation body slimming principles

"When the low density and weak molecular bonding strength fat cells stimulated by ion wave speed vibration, the cells will produce separation effect to change its fat grease thus forming numerous microbubbles. The fat cells blast under constant pressure then the burst fat cells and free fatty acids excrete through the liver, lymphatic system and other means.

The super plasma wave's low-frequency vibration can reduce fat efficiency. The ion wave vibration will have a powerful impact effect, and it comes into alternating positive and negative pressure in each vibration cycle. The fat cell membrane suffer from a variety of internal and external pressure, and it brokes up when reaches the tolerance limit. Therefore the fat is liquefied, and excretes by the metabolism, thereby reducing the number of fat cells and achieving the best effect of reducing fat. This can result in fat blasting --- fat separation

--- slimming."

BIO photon working principle and effection

"Biological Photon uses the advanced laser technology of the medicine --- pulse composite light. Pulse composite light contains a variety of different wavelength spectra, and it cause temperature changes, optical effect and particle vibration in the skin to destory the bad target in that area. It can increase the activity of enzymes, amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, and other compound substance, increase the activity frequency of the skin healthy cells, promote skin metabolism so as to restore the skin. Biological effects: activated cells and increase cell viability to accelerate blood and lymphatic microcirculation. The therapeutic effect: skin lifting and tightening, skin tone improving, skin moisturizing and pore convergence. Scope: Suitable for any skin except for the allergic skin.


Cavitation Frequency: 40KHz

Cavitation Mode: 5 Types

RF Frequency: 2 MHz / 4 MHZ

RF Mode: 3 Types

RF Types: Bipolar & Multipolar

Vacuum Pressure: 650 mmHg / 0.8 Bar

Photon: Red 650 nm

Safe Protection: Coded Lock

Display: 7 inch LCD Touch Screen

Power Supply: AC 100V 120V/200V 240V/50Hz/60Hz

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