14X26ft Porous Dense Mesh Design Swimming Pool Cover

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Product Description:

14X26 FT Swimming Pool Cover
Made of high quality PP material, this high-grade pool cover is soft and has strong coverage with good toughness and abrasion resistance. Adopted porous tight mesh design, the pool cover can prevent water evaporation, keep out thick snow, silt and debris, reduce damage to swimming pool equipment, and save water resources. Prevents children and pets from drowning and enhances safety. A great choice and better protection for your swimming pool!
Durable PP Material
Reasonable Size
Tight Mesh Design
For Easy Installation
High-grade Quality


【DURABLE PP MATERIAL】- Soft and tough PP material, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, high temperature resistance.
【REASONABLE SIZE】- Suitable for 14x26 ft swimming pool, perfect fit to the pool size.
【TIGHT MESH DESIGN】- Porous, tight mesh keeps out silt and debris, thick snow, withered leaf, ect. It provides protection against damage caused by pool water. Reinforced webbing on the top and bottom of every seam.
【FOR EASY INSTALLATION】- Comes with installation tools that makes it easy to install at home.
【HIGH-GRADE QUALITY】- After rigorous testing, this product is durable and practical, and can be stored for years with care.
Material: Polypropylene
Swimming Pool size: 14x26 ft
Swimming Pool Cover size:16x28ft
Surface: Tight Mesh
Color: Green
Tension Spring: 304 stainless steel
Ground Bolt: Brass
Package Size: 72x50x50 cm (28.3x19.7x19.7 inch)
Gross Weight: 18.1 kg (39.8 lb)


1 x Pool Cover
1 x Tension Spring
1 x Ground Bolt
1 x A set of installation tools

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