Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid for The Elderly Hearing Loss Sound Amplifier

SKU: 11982121-skin

Color: Skin



Size: 40mm*35mm*8mm
Material: SAP
Model Number: ZDB-100M
Item Type: Ear Care
Product Name: BTE Hearing Aid
Battery Capacity: 30
Charging Time: 4~8 h
Working Time: 11-16 h
Color: Blue & Skin
Ear Plug: 3 sizes
Product name:Cofoe BTE hearing aid
Total harmonic distortion:8%
Mainframe weight:7g
Mainframe size:40mm*35mm*8mm(length, width and height)


1, The product now only come with China charger, if use in Europe, Australia or other area, you need buy suitable adapter to make it suit for your country.

2, The working voltage is 220V-240V, if your country is not the voltage, pls don't buy it!

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