Portable Mini Lipo Fat Freezing Lipolysis Weight Loss Body Slimming Machine

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What Is the cryolipolysis fat cooling Procedure?

The cryolipolysis fat cooling procedure is a non-invasive way to gently and effectively reduce the fatty of targeted stubborn areas of your body such as the stomach love-handles and back resulting in an enhancement in the treated areas. Being totally non-invasive, this means there are no needles,scalpels or incisions required. Furthermore there is no need for anaesthesia or pain medications andeffectively there is no down or recovery time.


Competitive Advantage:

This mini freeze sculptor slimming machine very light, with good price, also can save the freight, you can do the treament when you are listening music or enjoy you own time after the hard working. You don't need to take any more time on it. It is reasonable human design for the beauty machine. What's more it is effective and safety, believed it is your top option, you deserve it.


Which areas are suitable for the cryolipolysis procedure?

The cryolipolysis procedure is primarily meant for stubborn pockets of fat situated on the abdomen,love handles and back rolls. This is because the current design characteristics of the device allowit to comfortably deal mainly with fatty bulges predominately in these regions. Although other areas may be treated, such as i.e. the back of the arms, this will be determined by the amount of fat and its suitability with respect to how it conforms to the cryolipolysis device cup characteristics.


Technical Parameter:

Treated area:98×98mm

Product dimensions:182×135×87mm

Power:12V 60W

Gross weight: 4KG

Packing size: 25cm×25cm×13cm


Package Include:

1x Main Machine

1x Charger

1x English Manual

1x Box


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