Portable LED Photon Light Whitening Acne Remove Face Massager Skin Care Device

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Red light can penetrate into deep tissue than other lights, with tepid action for the skin and mucous membrane. It can stimulate blood circulation and metabolism, improve collagen fiber, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles, restore the skin smooth and gloss.

The blue light accounts for 90% efficient damage acne sores propionibacterium, can be anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, remove acne and prevent the deterioration at the beginning of acne

Effectively restrain skin bacteria breeding and reduce skin inflammation

Comprehensive repair damaged skin's wound, reduce the chance of scar and can effective cure pock make if use for long time

Lons induction coil surrounded the unit part to ensure ion care

3 time magnifier cosmetic mirror embedded in the back, with enviro-paints& dzurable mirror's coating to make sure image


Red light wavelength: 630nm

Blue light wavelenght: 460nm

Product size:55*44*115mm

Holder size: 90*60*47mm

Mode: two modes

Operating voltage: DC6V

Package Includes

1xAcne removal machine

1xEnglish manual

1xProtective glasses

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