Portable Home Use IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine Skin Rejuvenation Facial Care

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-Intelligent safety: destruction of hair follicle, does not damage the skin and sweat glands

-Easy: As long as 30 minutes, no scar, does not effect to the daily life

-Painless: Hair removal is comfortable

-Lasting effect : Hair removeskin smooth

-Effective Hair Removal

-Skin Rejuvenation: promote collagen and restore healthy skin,

-Smooth fine lines & wrinkle

-Reduces Wrinkles

-Enhances luminosity of the skin

-Increase Collagen Level

*Hair Removal

610-1200nm of Intense Pulse Light, hair and pigment absorbed by the hair follicle, the temperature increased rapidly from hair cross section to hair root, do not hurt the normal tissue and sweat glands, demage to hair and hair follicles, so as to achieve the effect of hair removal.

*Skin Rejuvenation

The effect of using 530-1100nm wavelength pulsed light energy irradiated skin ,intense pulsed light biological activity directly into the dermis layer of collagen ,the collagen in the skin to be reborn ,increase the activity of the skin ,achieve rejuvenation

Packing Include:

*Main Machine X 1

*Handpiece x 1

*Tip X 2 (HR + SR)


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