14-in-1 Pool Drinking Water Test Strip

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Upgrade 14 in 1: Test total alkalinity, pH, hardness, lead, copper, iron, mercury, chromium/chromium (VI), bromine, nitrate, nitrite, residual chlorine, fluoride, sulfite

Health: Test strips are used for drinking water, faucets, well water, fresh water tanks and more water quality tests. Use professional drinking water test strips for health to test water quality standards.

Easy to use: Dip the drinking water test paper into the water for 5 seconds, keep it in the air for about 30 seconds, and then adjust the color of the back of the bottle to get the reading. Even for beginners, drinking water test strips are easy to use.

Environmental protection: Water quality should be tested every week. A pack of our test strips contains 100 drinking water test strips.

Easy to use:
1. Immerse the test strip in water for 5 seconds.
2. Take out and wait for 30 seconds.
3. Compare the drinking water test strip to the color chart on the bottle.

Package Include:

1 Pack Water Test Strips (100 pieces/bottle)

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