Pet Carrier Collapsible Space Travel Backpack

SKU: 36005843-pink

Color: Pink
Size: L40xW23xH24cm



Name: Pet transparent travel backpack
Material: EVA high polymer foam material
Product hardness: medium hard
Color: black, pink, gray


M: L40xW23xH24cm(Fit for cats up to 4kg, dogs up to 3.5kg)
L: L42xW25xH32cm(Fit for cats up to 9kg, dogs up to 6kg)
Product information
Features: waterproof
Why choose a transparent material?
The reason is that the pet is in a closed backpack and will be restless and insecure.
Note: After receiving the product, there is protective film on the transparent cover on both sides of the product. Please tear off the protective film and use it to make it more clear.

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