Vet Multi-Parameter Veterinary Patient Monitor NIBP SPO2 ECG TEMP RESP PR Vital Signs ICU CCU

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This monitor is suitable for felines, canines and other animals, may monitor the physical parameters, such as electrocardiograph (ECG), noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP), oxygen saturation (SpO₂), respiration rate (Resp), body temperature (Temp) and so on, can display maximum 8 waveforms and all information of the parameters monitored in the same screen.


Ergonomic design, Lightweight, compact, and portable, convenient for use.
12" TFT display, configurable up to 8 waveforms, enables maximum data visibility for the most critical parameters
Unique digital SPO2 technology can work accurately during motion and low perfusion.
Anti AC & high-frequency electrosurgical & defibrillator’s interference.
Rich screen layout, standard, large font, trend graph, OxyCRG, ECG full lead, and other Strong data storage: 720 hours trends, 10000 group NIBP, 1024 alarms events
ST analysis, arrhythmia analysis, pacemaker analysis, drug analysis, and calculation.
Audible & visual alarm available, adjustable.Super long life rechargeable Lithium battery up to 4 hours of working time
This monitor provides the function of computation for 21 kinds of medicines and the titration table.
It is providing fast and reliable measurements for veterinary patients. The measuring size of patients' animals ranges from small to big animals such as cats dogs, horses. It is suitable for vet hospitals, clinics, and animal labs.

Standard configuration:

ECG, NIBP, SPO2, TEMP, RESP, PR, Rechargeable Lithium battery.
Full lead: I, II, III, AVL, AVR, AVF, V
Gain: 5mm/mV, 10mm/mV, 15mm/mV, 20mm/mV and 25mm/mV
Scanning speed: Changeable with three grades of 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s and 50mm/s
Band width: 0.05Hz-100Hz(3dB)
Heart rate:
Scope: 15 times/minute to 300 times/minutes
Accuracy: ±1 time/minute
Variation of heartbeat LORENZO drawing: Analysis of heart beat data for the current 5 minutes with histogram during RR period.
Arrhythmia: Twenty kinds of common abnormal ECG can be analyzed, with ECG data of 1000 times of arrhythmia kept and with 10 seconds kept for each time.
Accuracy: Error rate < 20%
Undetected rate < 20%
ST section
Scope: ±0.8mV
Precision: < ±0.05mV
Detection scope: 0%-100%
Accuracy:±1% 90%-100%;±2% 70%-89%
Theory Electric oscillator
Manual selection:9.3kPa(70 mmHg),13.3kPa(100 mmHg)16.0kPa(120 mmHg)
18.6kPa(140 mmHg),20.0kPa(150 mmHg),21.3kPa(160 mmHg),Automatic detection period:1 minute to 240 minutes.
Detection accuracy:
Static pressure: ±3mmHgPulse rate: ±2%
Respiration Rate:
Measurement Range:0 ~ 150 BrPM
Resolution:1 BrPM
Accuracy:0~6 BrPM: unspecified;7~150 BrPM: ±2 BrPM
Measure and Alarm Range:0 ~ 50℃
Accuracy(no sensor):± 0.1℃(0℃ – 50℃)
Environment Specification:
Operating Temp: 0 to 05°cStorage Temp: -20 to +50°c
Relative Humidity: 15 to 95%(Operating), 15 to 95%(Storage)
Power Supply:100~240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Pmax=90VA Fuse T1.5A


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