USB Outdoor Infrared Heating Vest

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Size: Vest M
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Pls note that all heated vests do not include a mobile battery.
Pls kindly note that our sizes are Chinese sizes, which are usually smaller than US & Europe sizes.
Pls choose your size according to size chart and we suggest one or two sizes bigger to match US & EU size.

The size of in the video is 3XL
Do not use for a long time, please do not connect to mobile power.
Do not use hot water or strong acid detergent.
Do not use electricity for wet clothes. Please turn off the power and stop using the rain.
The usage time depends on the size of the charging capacity.
Do not connect directly to the power charger, please use the mobile charging connection as a power suppl

Instructions for use:

1. Vest features built-in USB port to connect the power bank.
2. Power switch - long press the switch for 3 to 5 seconds.
3. Red light flashes - automatic heating
4. Red light - manual heating, high temperature
5. White light - medium temperature
6. Blue light - low temperature

Washing instructions:

Remove the mobile power supply, add neutral detergent and wash it by hand. Do not force it or beat it. Allow the washed clothes to be naturally ventilated and dried before use.
The highest washing water temperature is 30 degrees Celsius
Do not bleach, do not turn over and dry, do not iron, do not dry clean, do not chlorine bleach, hand wash, machine wash (cover USB waterproof cover can be washed), gently rub, rinse
Hang dry and do not wring out by hand.

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