Cervical Collar Air Traction Neck Brace Support Massager Release Therapy

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    Air traction neck brace is an auxiliary device to help people with cervical spondylopathy   do self-treatment, frequent use of the device will help people prevent cervical spondylopathy, relieve cervical pain and fatigue, release clinical symptoms by air traction. It is designed based on different functions, such as air traction, fixation, it is a healthy pal of health for people, especially for the middle age and old people.


  1. It's specially designed according to neck circumference, to do powerful traction, to protect your neck.
  1. The traction belt is consisted of many pieces of air tube, when doing inflation, each air tube will become inflated and strong to stretch cervical vertebrae, more traction , and more strength.
  1. It's designed based on ergonomics by adopting vertical type of traction, which can support cervical vertebrae powerfully.
  1. Top quality materials are used ensuring excellent air retention and durability.


      This device is not equipped with air gauge limitation, please do the inflation properly. Please consult with your medical practitioner before you use this device, please try best to relax your cervical vertebrae in order to get the best treatment effects.Please do the inflation gradually; when you feel uncomfortable during air-traction treatment, please deflate the device gradually and adjust the traction intensity and angle, then use the device again when you feel good. Please do 30~60 minutes small or middle traction before you do the strongest traction. Avoid contact with sharp solid objects. Avoid over-inflating the device, or it will be broken .If you do not use it, please do not inflate it unlimitedly, or it 
will be broken by high air pressure. Applicable scope It's suitable for people with cervical spondylopathy, it will help people prevent cervical spondylopathy, relieve cervical pain and 
fatigue, release clinical symptoms by air traction.

Operation Guide:

  1. Put the device around your neck; adjust it according to neck circumference.
  2. Fasten the nut of metal inflating valve before you do the inflation.
  3. Do the inflation by using hand pump until you feel comfortable.
  4. 20~30 minutes for small and middle intensity traction; 1~3 minutes for strong intensity traction.
  1. During traction treatment, small and middle intensity traction is recommended to do first, then do the strong intensity traction according to your own tolerance. 2~3 times a day, 10~20 days for one course.
  1. Please consult with your medical practitioner for detailed adaptive disease.
      7.When you finish treatment, please release the nut of inflating valve, let the air go away naturally, please do not press the device to do air deflation in order to avoid the break of air tube.


  1. Please release the air from air tube after using, then put the device into box to avoid surface dirt.
  1. Keep the device away from fire, heated surfaces, and sharp solid objects.


Please clean the device by soft cloth or neutral detergent.Please do not clean it with hard rubbing or stiff brush.


  1. First-time users should not take overexertion traction.
  2. Patients with serious illness should consult with your doctor, blindly use is forbidden.

Package includes:

1 *Air Traction Neck Belt
1 *Hand Pump
1 *English Manual
1 *Color Retail Box

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