Multipolar RF Radio Frequency Wrinkle Removal Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Machine

SKU: 421098

Nominal Voltage: 110V



Adopt the latest innovative RF system, more safety and no pain to your skin.

Equipped with self-diagnostic functions based on safe design, which can automatically carry out the verification of efficacy by itself. This will be more secure to use.

Surface with big massage beads of RF head offers obvious and long-lasting beauty results.

Available in two RF heads, level three radiofrequency head is mainly used for eyes and face skin care; level six radiofrequency head is mainly used for body skin care, meeting your different demands.

Taking little time for recovery and no influence on regular working or living, minimum side-effects.

Effectively remove wrinkles, whiten skin, enhance skin elasticity and tighten skin.


Item Type: Skin Rejuvenation Machine

Material: ABS

Power: ≤75W

Voltage: AC 110V-240V

RF Head: Three Head & Six Head

Package Includes:

1 x RF Beauty Machine

1 x Three RF Head

1 x Six RF Head

1 x Power Line

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