12"x15" 5-in-1 Multifunctional Rocking Digital LCD Screen Heat Press

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1.LARGE LCD SCREEN DISPLAY:Large screen display, silicone button, easy to operate with counting function; 3 modes are free to switch, can quickly make different products;
2.DUAL-TUBE HEATING: Unlike the ordinary single tube heating, our heat press machine adopts the latest double-tube heating technology. It makes the temperature difference is only about 5℃ between the center and the edge. But the old-fashioned heating tube is more than 10℃.
3.SWING-AWAY DESIGN:The swing-away arm makes the pressure to be applied directly and evenly on tshirt press, improving the transfer quality. Meanwhile, it allows the heating element to move safely to the side, reducing the chance of accidental contact.
4.ACCURATE CONTROL & MEMORY FUNCTION:Large screen display, silicone buttons, easy to operate, precise control. Counting function, three modes can be switched freely, the heat press 12 x 15 machine has memory function, easily set and store three sets of data, and there is no need to set parameters repeatedly.
5.HIGH SAFETY PERFORMANCE: Thanks to the use of two layers of insulation technology, when the working temperature reaches 200 degrees, the surface temperature of the machine is only about 50-70 degrees, which is safe to use;
6.5-IN-1 MULTIFUNCTION:With a 12"x 15" (29 X 38 cm) large heat platen, the heat press uses Teflon-coated platen, non-stick & stable. Suitable for caps, T-shirts, cups, plates, the heat press 5 in 1 saves efforts and reduces the process.
Rated Power: 850W
Rated Voltage: 110V
Rated Frequency: 60 Hz
Length of the Cable: 1.5 M
The Highest Temperature: 200 ℃/390 °F
Transfer Size: 12" x 15" (38 x 29 cm)
Hat/Cap Press: 6" x 3" (curved)
Mug Press: 3"-3.5" diameter (11 OZ)
Plate Press #1: 8" max diameter
Plate Press #2: 10" max diameter
Mug Heat Press Machine Power: 280W
Cap Heat Press Machine Power: 150W
Package Include:
1*Hat Press
1*Mug Press
2*Plate Presses
1*Short Aluminum Bottle Pad
1 * Power Cord
1*Operating Manual
1*Pair of Gloves
1*Removable Silicone Pad and Cotton Pad
1 *Fully-Assembled Heat Press Machine For t Shirts

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