Micro-nano Moisturizing Oxygen Injection Sprayer Machine

SKU: 421264

Voltage: 110V



Unique sensor design which can master the air flow switch following the press button anytime to ensure enough air flow.

Spray probe adopts the press type design for a more convenient and comfortable operation.

Mix oxygen and skin care products and in a fast speed to spray out and act on skin, promote skin absorption.

Finest mist can penetrate into the deep pores to achieve the effect of deep hydrating.

Oxygen enriching to strengthen anti aging and restore skin elasticity.

Improve metabolism and easily de-toxin.

Supply the lacking collagen and other nutrients to skin to repair damaged skin cells, improve dull and rough skin, remove acne and wrinkles.

Make skin tender, elastic, rejuvenated.

Suitable for acne skin, dry skin, dull skin and loose skin.

Function: Moisturizing, Hydrating, Whitening Skin, Diluting Wrinkle, Eliminating Spot, Oxygen enriching, Grease Control , Brightening Skin, Smoothing Fine Lines, Shrinking Pores, Metabolism Promotion, Repairing Damaged Skin


1 x Main Device

1 x Spray Probe

1 x Connection Pimp

1 x Nutrition Bottle

1 x Dapter

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