LED Tactical Flashlight Set with Waterproof Solar and USB Charging for Indoor and Outdoor Camping

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  • Product size and weight: 15 x 12 x 5 cm
  • Shipping Weight: 2 pounds
  • Car Flashlight LED Emergency Tactics Multifunction Torch Flashlight Tool with Window Crusher, Seat Belt Cutting Knife, Compass, Travel, Camping and Emergency
  • [7 working mode of flashlight]: headlights (4 – 6hrs) – high, medium, flashing, side white bulbs (4 – 7 hours) – high, medium, side red (6 – 7 hours) – flashing and slow- Flashing; press the switch to change the working mode, long press 3S to change the working LED. Its impressive beam can be concentrated, soft light 700 meters
  • [Speaker]: With a strong magnet on the side of the flashlight, you can connect it to a car or other metal surface, used as a work light, camping light or emergency warning light
  • [Reliable, necessary]: The flashlight is waterproof and impact resistant, and is used in the most sturdy emergency. It is equipped with a weatherproof anodized aluminum body, easy to grip, tail, compass, outdoor, camping, or hiking, office emergency, also suitable for work; not only can withstand a lot of abuse
  • Lifetime Money Back Guarantee: We love these flashlights, so I believe you too. Not only is the subsistent LED tactical flashlight set available to meet all tactical needs, but it is also equipped with a fully-fledged one-person lifetime guarantee: 100% refund if you are not looking for a short trip and exploration kit.product description

product description:

A multi-function solar escape rescue flashlight
LED mutipurpose solar flashlight car escape emergency tool includes a built-in seat belt cutter, glass window breaker, outdoor compass, safety flashlight, emergency mobile power, to help you use indoor shading or tight, shorts Space, outdoor travel, camping, trekking adventures, a trip, it is necessary for the vehicle to be in an emergency.
The multi-function flashlight
has 7 working modes, and the lighting of this flashlight is the one that you can choose to suit you. Use solid headlights to find your way in the dark or flashing headlights to warn others, the side white lights in the blinds, work or camping, or the side flashing red light mode in a vehicle emergency.
Car Escape Emergency Tool
Vehicles In an emergency, car escape emergency tools will help you save yourself and your loved ones. A seat belt cutter cuts the seat belt, with a glass window breaker that breaks off the window and the outdoor compass, highlighting a direction, solar flashlight, finding a way or warning someone and an emergency mobile power supply, Charge your smart device.
Rechargeable and reliable
with built-in 2000 mAh 18650 battery, rechargeable, USB cable (included) or solar. The weather-resistant anode aluminum alloy body is easy to grip and has a built-in magnet for hands-free use, which is very convenient and will last for a long time.
Tips: The flashlight hammer is very sharp. Please stay away from children and use with care.

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