LED Camping Lantern Tent Light

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1.360 surround light without occlusion,

2.Camping lights are particularly bright, not flashing, not hot, high efficiency and electricity saving,

3.All weather use, night work lighting, night fishing lighting, rain shower design

4.Mainly used for camping, field lighting, car maintenance, out of storage..


Product Name: 9LED camp lights. Tent lights

Product specification: height: 21CM (with the portable part): base 

diameter: 7CM weight: 430 grams

Light bulb type: 9LED light emitting diode

Switch type: button switch (light two changes, one according to 

the middle LED light, and then press LED full light)

Battery type: 4 section 5 battery (installed at the bottom of the 

lamp holder)

Package includes:

1* LED Camping Lantern

1* Instruction manual

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