3/5/8GAL Stainless Steel Home Alcohol Distiller

SKU: 34404270-3-gallon-us

Size: 3 Gallon



- This product is fabricated from stainless steel. The design incorporates an independent airway to allow the distillate to rise faster and delivery a higher purity. This is a sophisticated and versatile piece of equipment.
- This multifunctional equipment can be used for: distilling fruit wine, distilling water, purifying water, distilling brandy, and refining plant extracts for medicinal purposes.
- Size: as picture shown
- Capacity: 3/5/8 Gallons
1. Please clean and dry the distiller after using.
2. (not include)You will need : yeast,water supply,heat source(I suggest use gas stove)

Package list:

1 x Fermenter pot
1 x Cooling pot
1 x Cup
1 x Water hose
1 x Copper column
1 x Exhaust value
1 x Instructions
1 x Connect
2 x Seal Ring

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