Heat score machine is used to remove acne scars on face and body

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Type: 110V


By storing the thermal energy in the therapeutic head made of titanium metal, the therapeutic head then contacts the skin in the form of an electric microneedle general seal, at the speed of 0.1ms, it can introduce 400 ℃ high temperature into the skin in sections, quickly vaporize the moisture of the skin, effectively destroy the scar tissue and form the fibrous tissue with scar depression, thoroughly remove the defects on the skin surface.
The heat that penetrates deep into the bottom of the muscle also has the role of activating fibroblasts, prompting them to produce collagen and elastin in large quantities, thereby reconstructing the dense collagen network of the dermis and restoring the skin to a smooth, firm, plump and elastic beauty state.
The ultra-fine peeling and safe instrument does not irritate the skin, only natural heat conduction.
Fast treatment (15-30minutes): superior heat conduction, heat conduction of 0.1 milliseconds; amazing penetration depth, depth up to 500 microns.
Safely treating with extremely low pain, a comprehensive breakthrough, multi-effect treatment to regulate skin condition.
There is no need for anesthesia, simple operation and post care.
After treatment, the part is different from the traditional laser, no skin breaking, no burning, no bleeding.
Compared with the traditional laser scar removal, it does not need irradiation, uses natural heat energy to transfer, less damage and shorter repair period.
The instrument is light, portable, and highly flexible.
Operating temperature: 400℃ (±10℃)
Input voltage: AC100V-240V
Output Power: 30-200W
Fuse: 10A
Dimensions of aircraft box: 39×35×54cm
Weight: 10kg
Two working handle: one for face and other one for body
1* Main machine
1* User manual

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