HD Video amplifier Flexible holder Enlarged Projector

SKU: 29566867-black-12inch

Color: black 12inch



The combination of a mobile phone amplifier and a lazy stand.
Cell phone amplifiers reduce discomfort and visual fatigue caused by long-term focusing on small screens.
The stand keeps the screen at an appropriate distance from the eye, protecting your vision and neck.
Adopt high-definition optical technology, the image on the mobile phone screen is enlarged,
the image is clear, the color is bright, the action is strong, and the radiation protection. 
The material is strong and flexible and is easily twisted.
Collapsible design can be carried around in a purse, bag or pocket easily when go outdoors. 
A portable and mini cinema for your family or party outside, suitable for indoor, camping, journey, leisure, etc.


Material: ABS, Acrylic
Color: black, white
Magnification: 3-4 time
Bracket length: 60cm
Size: (Approx) 8 Inch, 12 Inch

Package Included:

1 PC x Phone Bracket

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