Suction Sand Blow Leaves Machine hand Held Blower

SKU: 37491678




Host Model: 1E34FB
Displacement: 25.4cc
Fuel: mixed oil 25: 1
Weight: 4.95kg
Power: 0.75kw / 7500r / min
Fuel tank: 0.9L
Air volume: 7.8m2 / min
Form: Two-stroke air-cooled horizontal bar
Starting method: recoil
Ignition method: electronic ignition
Fuel consumption: <710g / kw.h
Product net weight: 4.3kg
Fuel tank volume: 0.65L
Dimensions: 325 × 230 × 330mm

Package includes:

Host × 1
Matching oiler pot × 1
Tool bag assembly × 1
Duct × 2

Use range:

Greenhouse snow removal / cleaning leaves / road dust removal / fire extinguishing / dust blowing / etc

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