Full Face CPAP Mask for Sleep Apnea Snoring With Adjustable Strap Clips

SKU: 670273

Size: M



Brand new and high quality.

Adapting to different faces.

Easy to wear with a headgear.

Anti-bacterial and sealed package guarantee users health.

Quite vent design scientifit design for effective diversion

More venting holes to reduce noise and effectively disperse airflow

360 degree rotary adapter, more comfortable to wear.


Color: Transparent

Size:As pictures shown

Material: Silica Gel

Working Temperature: +5°C~+40°C

Working Humidity: ≤93%

Store Temperature: -20°C~+55°C

Store Humidity: ≤93%


Package Includes:

1x CPAP Mask

1x Headgear


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