Magic Fishing Net Bait Hand Cast Strong Nylon Mesh

SKU: 3520762-300cm

Color: 300cm steel sinker



strong and easy to use.Better spread due to uniform weight distribution - easier to cast
The continuous weight line has a better seal on the bottom and allows the net to sink evenly
Retaining the original fishing nets of the net pocket, you can cope with larger fish, mesh control can prevent small fish escape.
There is a large throwing area, very suitable for fish ponds and field use.
Specially design, enable you to catch more fish.
Durable and comfortable, wonderful fishing tool for fishermen.
Heavy duty galvanized sinkers can help you catch more bigger fishes in the sea.



Length: Diameter 300cm/360cm/420cm

Positionable or Not: No
Retractable or Not: Yes
Knot Type: Single
Style: Monofilament
Model Number: fishing net
Mesh Size: Small Mesh
Plastic Type: ABS
Certification: fishing net china
Thickness: about 0.2
With Glueing or Not: No
Type: Drift Net
Depth: net fishing
Product Type: Fishing Nets
Name: Fishing network
Another Name: network fishing
Function: folding fishing network
Tips: network for fishing
Diameter: 300cm-420cm
Sinkers: Iron pendant

Package Contents:

1*Fishing Net

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