9 in 1 Body Building Push Up Rack Board Fitness Comprehensive Training Pushup Stands

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- Color-coded push-up board Specific targets Different muscles worked (Blue-Breasts, Red-Shoulders, Yellow-back, and Green-Triceps) 

- Heavy duty "Plug & Press" push up multi-position system board and angles that sculpt and maximize upper body definition 

Burn calories and build strength with this innovative flexing system, including access to training videos on the Do You Tube channel that take you through a full body 

- - Portable, Simple Assembly and Storage. 

- Premium, Cushioned, Non-slip Handgrips 


Material: ABS plastic 

Main Color: Black 

Board thickness: 18mm 

Dimension: 59.5 cm * 18.3 cm * 1.8 cm

Application: Outdoor, Home, Office, Gym, etc.


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