Fish Finder Underwater Fishing Camera

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1.9 inch TFT color monitor with sun-visor for bright environment outside
2. Clear images displaying with HD 1000TVL megapixels fishing camera.
3. Waterproof,Aluminum alloy 90 Degrees fish model design
4. Cold-resistant, waterproof and pull-resistant cables
5. The available camera extension cable length: 30m
6. 15pcs white LEDs, 15pcs infrared lamps, high-intensity.
7. The continuous using time of the battery is up to 8 hours,Battery status.
8. 4 different LED status: White LED on、IR LED on、all LED on、all LED off,also can adjust the LED brightness to obtain more better quality image


Display Size: 9 inch
Display Resolution: 1204*600
Monitor Input Voltage: 12V DC
Image Sensor: CMOS Sensor
IP68 Waterproof
Viewing Angle: 90Degrees
Visible distance ( clear water ): 1-3m
Night Vision: 15pcs white LEDs, and 15pcs infrared lamps.
Camera: 1000TVL/Aluminum alloy
Battery: 4500AH
Power Box:Battery status
The continued using time of the battery: about 8 hours
Camera Size:Diameter 38.5*90mm
Aluminum Box Size:(264*189*110MM)

Package Contents:

1* Case And Monitor
1* Camera And Cable
1* Battery (Power Control Box)
1* Charger
1* Float
1* Sun Visor
1* Accessories
1* Cover
1* Bandage
1* Manual

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