Eye and Temple Massager with MP3 Storage

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Uses a variety of therapeutic methods

Customizable with built-in MP3 player

Easy to control with inline controller

Provides a variety of benefits

Great choice for in-home therapy

Works for your eyes and the surrounding areas

Improves blood circulation and oxygen supply

If you've got tired eyes from a computer job or any other sort of eye strain, this massager is a great choice for relaxing them. It helps to improve blood circulation and oxygen supply both in the eyes as well as in the surrounding areas such as the temples.

Stimulates vision nerves

Revitalize your vision when you use this eye massager. Its unique and innovative therapeutic methods stimulate your vision nerves to bring the life back into your eyes and let you feel more energized. It's a great form of therapy that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Soothes muscles and smoothes skin

There's nothing better than a facial massage at the end of a long day, and this massager provides it. It helps to soothe your muscles when they've been working a lot and also smoothes out the skin around your eyes, giving them a younger and more vibrant look.


Dimensions: 290x20x80mm

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