Human body electronic laser physiotherapy instrument nursing massager

SKU: 29368453-110v-us

Standard Voltage: 110V
Plug Type: US Plug


1.Fuctions Of Wireless Knee Massager:
»»Circulating heat compress»»Swelling and pain relief»»Air bag compress»»Infrared magnetic therapy»»Kneading massage
2.Red Light Therapy:Pure physical therapy, no side effects, increase the vitality of the knee joint cells, built-in 19 red light, illuminate the joints, penetrate the bottom layer of the skin, and make the cells more energetic.
3.Magnetic Therapy Protection:Let joint returns to the young condition, built-in ability magnet, balances the skin bottom magnetic field, fully acts on the damaged joint, releases the healthy magnetic energy.
4.Air Bag Compress:Relax the joint soft tissue,adjustable airbag compress strength, simulate kneading method of masseur, deep massage two key points, automatically charge and deflate, gently soothe the knee joint.
5.Infrared Heating Therapy:Remove joint dampness and cold,three temperature mode ,45 ℃ ~ 55 ℃, constant temperature hot compress, temperature permeate skin, relax blood vessel, promote blood circulation, dredge meridian.
6.Kneading Massage:A variety of vibration massage modes to get rid of soreness and relieve fatigue.
7.Physiotherapy:The carbon fiber far infrared heating,deep to repair damaged tissues.
8.The three-dimensional vibration,full range of massage,quickly relieve knee pain.
9.In line with the man-machine engineering principle,it suit for the knee,elbow and ankle;belt can be adjusted,suit for various knee.
10.Physiotherapy rehabilitation at home, no side effect,no trauma,small size and easy to carry.
11.Before exercise or before you go out dressed,can reduce the knee joint and muscle pain.
12.Wear 2 or 3 times a day,every time 30 minutes.
13.A sharp temperature change will reduce the effect,thermal control step by step as far as possible.
Size: Medium
Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Function1: Red Light Therapy,Infrared Heat,Magnetic Therapy
Function2: Air Wave Pressure Massage,Vibration Massage
Red Light: 650nm with 19pcs
Magnet: 19pcs
Application1: Rheumatoid Arthritis,Arthritis
Application2: Ankle Pain,Elbow Pain,Wrist Pain
Application3: Joint Pain,Knee Pain,Shoulder Pain
Application4: Joint Swelling,Sports Injuries,Sports Sprain
Application5: Knee discomfort,Knee joint hyperplasia
Rated Voltage/Current/Power: DC5V/2A/5W
Automatic Timing: 15 Minutes
Product Size: L193*W168*H144mm
Running Noise: <70dB
Net Weight: 1.5KG

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