Body Composition Scale Smart Digital Electronic Body Fat Scale Bluetooth LED Screen

SKU: 29219599



* Ultrathin design with slim body, you can store it anywhere
* When you weigh yourself, the number will appear clearly 
* The round corner and big foot mat to ensure your safety,Balance Test
* ABS material body is durable, hard but not crisp, resistant to corrosion 
* G-sensor, 50g can be sensed,Supports switching of three units of jin, kilograms and pounds for easy reading.
* You can know 13 items in 1 test, uses advanced BIA technology to analyze 10 of your body data,Easy mastery of body fat rates.Tookfun 
* Manganese steel electrode measures your body weight accurately 
* Dual Modes Weight for person and object,Support for 16-person data records,
* Low energy Bluetooth 5.0,. 4 batteries can be used for 12 months. 
1. This product is not recommended for use with cardiac devices and other medical devices.
2. Body Scale needs 5kg weight to boot, use the weighing mode after booting.
3. When your body loses balance, be sure to open your eyes and stand on your feet.
4. We will open the original package and get the battery out before ship the product to you, for the battery cannot be ship by most of the air transport.

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