Kitchen Stainless Steel Drinking Water Purifier

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1.The 2-stages water purifier effectively remove water sediment, rust, some bacteria in the microbial etc.The filtered water can be drinked directly.

2.Excellent filtration capacity, filter mud, rust, dust, inhibition of bacteria

3.Excellent filter shell, to prevent the growth of algae.

4.Water pressure to provide power, no electricity.

5.Filter element can be cleaned and used circularly.

How To Maintenance:

Ceramic filter core has been used for a long time, and the surface will accumulate sediment, iron filings, bacteria and other impurities. It is recommended that sand paper be used for cleaning once in 15 days or so. Filter replacement cycle needs to be based on the user's local water quality&water consumption.If the user change the filter cartridge in time,you can ensure a permanent pure water quality.


Net Water Flow: 200L/H

Applicable Water Source: Tap Water

Fuselage Material: 304Stainless Steel

Applicable Water Temperature: 5-38℃

Energy Consumption: No Wastewater, No Electricity

Material of Filter Element: Diatomite Ceramics and Activated Carbon

Package includes:

1*Drinking Water Filter Purifier

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