6pcs Disposable Titanium Ligation Clip for many medical treatment

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Size Color: L Yellow
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Features :

1. The device is disposable to avoid cross infection;
To meet a variety of clinical ligation needs;
3. Large clamping force, reliable structure, good hemostatic effect;
4. Imported inert material, good biocompatibility, decomposition, not the body depend;
5. Penetrable ray, no scattering and no artifact in CT/MRI examination;
6.. Imported advanced equipment and technology, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of surgery.
7. 1000 pieces of the factory test standard for ligation clips are 100% qualified and released;
8. Delivery inspection standard of clamp: 100% qualified after 1000 times;
9. Good compatibility between ligation clip and clamp, accurate, safe and effective.

The Disposable Titanium Clips are intended for use in procedures involving ligation of vessels or tissue structures. The Disposable Titanium Clips are made of titanium. The Disposable Titanium Clips are packed by a PE blister with the cover of Tyvek.

The product was sterilized by EO. The valid period of disinfection was 3 years.

Four sizes in total:

L(101Y.601) Yellow

ML(101Y.602) Olive green

M(101Y.603) Milky

S(101Y.604) Blue

note:6 pieces per plate


 Load the titanium clip, extracting it from the container through the tip of the clip applier.

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