CPAP Nasal Mask with Fabric Frame

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The Nasal CPAP Mask was developed to offer comfort and ease of use while fitting a wide range of users. The first to offer options in headgear materials, the steps up to a new level of individual choice. Never losing site of the fact that mask comfort promotes successful therapy, the design is lightweight with minimal facial contact.


Work Mode: CPAP
Material: fabric frame
Model Number: wisp mask
Item Type: Sleep & Snoring
Frame Choice - Fabric or Clear Silicone
Multiple Size Cushions Included
Minimal Contact Design
Clear Line of Sight
Easy to Fit and Seal
Lightweight, Flexible Short Tube
Hose Position Options
Headgear Uses Convenient Magnetic Clips

Frame Options

The headgear and frame design is the source of support and seal for the omitting the need for a forehead support. Having nothing on the forehead makes for a more comfortable therapy experience. People who enjoy watching TV or reading before going to sleep will appreciate the clear field of view.

Flexible Short Tube

The lightweight and flexible short tube included with the connects to the swivel elbow. It serves as the connection between the long hose and the cushion - allowing for movement without losing the seal. The tube can be disconnected from the elbow for cleaning. Offering choice of hose position, the short tube can be secured to the headgear using the crown loop keeping the hose up and out of the way.
These optional fabric wraps add an additional layer of softness to the face, providing a buffer between the mask headgear and the face. This helps reduce the appearance of red marks while making the mask more comfortable to wear.

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