12V Winter Car Baby Seat Heated Cover Pad Electric Safety Heating Warmer Seat Cushion

SKU: 41470041-2

Color Name: Children 1



1. Suitable for all 12V cars.
2. The temperature is adjustable in two speeds, which can be heated quickly in 30 seconds.
3. The product has built-in thermal protector to avoid overheating. The surface and inner core are made of flame retardant material, which is safer.
4. The external cigarette light wire is 2.5-3 meters, suitable for the rear seat of the car.
5. Baby skin-friendly fabric, with this heated cushion, your baby can enjoy a warm and comfortable ride experience in winter or cold nights.

Voltage: 12V
Output power: 42~54W
High and low gear switch:
The current under high-grade switch: 4.5A, the temperature is 65±5°C
Current at low gear: 3.5A, temperature 55±5°C
Thermal protector: 45 ° C ~ 65 ° C
Temperature working range: -30+35 degrees, built-in special thermostat, external cigarette light wire 2.5-3 meters, suitable for rear seats of cars
Product size: about 55*27cm/21.65*10.63in (suitable for children aged 1-7)
45*30cm/17.72*11.81in (suitable for children over 7 years old)

1. This product is heated by the resistance wire, please be sure to turn off the power in time after getting off the bus.
2. The heated seat cushion cannot be used on metal objects or hard objects with sharp protrusions.
3. When the heating cushion is not in use, be sure to cut off the power supply to prevent accidents.
4. Avoid folding repeatedly at the same position to prevent the heating wire from breaking due to folding, resulting in a fire.
5. The power-on time should not be too long. Generally, it is heated before the ride. After driving for a long time, turn off the power. In any case, it can't be used for a long time!
6. Can't get close to high temperature or fire source.
7. It is strictly forbidden to use the heating pad in the seat cover.
8. Do not place objects that block heat from above the heated cushion.

Packing List:
1*heated cushion

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