3in1 Ultrasonic Infrared Lights Facial Body Slimming Beauty Machine

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Nominal Voltage: 220V
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  • The 3 in one slimming device brings you an even better effect.
  • It enables you shape a charming body line and to restore the resilience of your skin with a short period of time.
  • This instrument capable of simultaneously performing ultrasonic,infrared and microcurrent skin and body therapy.
  • This device uses 1Mhz ultrasound and infrared energy to massage and treat skin effectively, as well as perform slimming ultrasonic massage to sculpt body contour, eliminate excess fat, tone the muscle, stimulate healthy body function through cell rejuvenation and body metabolism rehabilitation.


        • Cheapest, non-invasive and most effective slimming device to date.
        • Quickly and effectively reduce and give relief from severe chronic back pains, other sort of body aches.
        • EMS skin and body slimming and toning machine skin rejuvenation infrared heat therapy device.
        • Enhance Skin texture, anti-wrinkle, helps fight fatty areas, tightens skin.
        • Effective ultrasonic facial and body beautifying massager.
        • Regulate internal secretion and accelerate consuming of fat, realize the dreams of body slimming.
        • Mini and stylish appearance, convenient to carry, easy and to use.
        • Works for both facial and body use.


        • Skincare to clear, lighten, smooth the look of skin.
        • Deep cleanse and moisturize.
        • Reducing the appearance of both wrinkles and fat deposits.
        • Firm the skin texture.
        • Enhance skin texture, anti-wrinkle, helps fight fatty areas, tightens and firms.


        • Color:White
        • Voltage: 110V-240V Worldwide
        • Ultrasonic frequency:1 MHz
        • Dimensions:190*80*60mm
        • Weight:140g

        Package Includes:

        • 1 x Main Body
        • 1 x Power Adapter (100-240V)
        • 4 x EMS Electrode
        • 1 × EMS Cable
        • 1 x User Manual

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