Inflatable boat accessory dinghy raft fishing tool rod holder device pole pvc sup board kayak fixer

SKU: 15937778-top-and-base

Color: top and base


Model Number: 06003A
Hull Material: PVC
Outdoor Activity: Sandbeach
Capacity (Person): N/A
Length: N/A
Brand Name: sealeaf
is_customized: Yes
Certification: ce
Color: black
Weight: 0.3kg
size: 23.2cm in length
material: strong plastic

Real Product pictures from buyer show

1. push the "unlock" button
2. insert the lge of the top into the socket of base
3. push "lock" button
when we push the “lock” button, we may find it is very difficult to push the button. it is because th top is not fully down to the bottom of the socket.  please hold and press down the top pole when you push "lock” button.

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