X6 Telescopic Bluetooth Game Controller

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1.The wireless working distance is up to 6-8 meters. Connect and play Easy to operate Free to install the application.
2.bluetooth support for Android 6.0 or above, compatible with iOS11.0 or above, compatible with phone, tablet, desk, laptop.
3.2 4G Win7 / 8/10 wireless support, android device and PS3 game console (2.4G receiver required).
4.Comes with a 300 mA rechargeable lithium battery and works for approximately 20 hours.
5. With the button to turn the Turbo function, it comes with a retractable support, up to 168mm.


Function: Bluetooth game controller
Connection method: Bluetooth BLE4.0
Applicable platform: Android6.0 + / iOS11.0 + / PC / PS3
Bluetooth direct: support Android / iOS direct game Elite peace / stimulus battlefield / King Glory / Assault of the whole army / endless battle and other official touch screen games, combined with mobile phone players, supports Application change button
Android HID Bluetooth connection: octopus (game official), housekeeper / grape game room, etc.
2.4G wireless connection: compatible with Android HID / PS3 host / PC Windows7 / 8/10 (extra receiver needed)
Control Mode: button + joystick
Rocker specifications: High quality
100W rocker life + Standby current: Less than 8uA Operating
Current: Less than 10mA
Battery capacity: 300 mAh
Elastic support: compatible cell phone length 168mm / 6.61in
Compatible phone size: 3.5-6.5in
Net weight: 180g
Size: 130.8 * 94.4 * 49.6mm
Material: plastic
Colour :black;black+red
Note: IOS13.4 and above versions are not supported

Package Included:

1 * USB cable
1 * gamepad
1 * manual

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