24V Heating Diesels Air Car Parking Heater

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- Calcifying liquid crystal
- Heating can be applied to heat the cab of transport vehicles, , storage battery cars and all kinds of other vehicles.
- Can remove frost from the window.
- Ecological product, low emissions, low fuel consumption; exhaust emissions of heaters to meet the emission requirements of Euro IV engines.
- Compact structure, easy to install.
- Can disassemble to a new car when replacing the vehicle.
- Technology Volatile, by ceramic ignition socket the fuel heating evaporates into gas, rapid ignition, complete combustion.
- The use of advanced automatic control technology, with abnormal operating conditions reliable.
- Fuel, electricity, temperature can be set arbitrarily.
- May use diesel as fuel.


Heating Power: 5KW
Fuel Petrol: diesel
Car air conditioning type: heating
Rated voltage: 24 V
Fuel consumption (L / h): 0.64
Operating temperature of the heater: -40 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Operating temperature of the oil
Size of the article: 34*11*1
Outlet pipe inner diameter: 60mm

Packaged included:

1 x Car heater
1 x Digital switch
1 x Main wiring harness
1 x Remote control
1 x Silencer
1 x Tank
1 x Oil pump
1 x Oil pipe(5m)
1 x Oil nozzle
1 x Oil filter
1 x Filter
1 x Inlet air hose
1 x Outlet air tube
1 x Air outlet
1 x Exhaust pipe
1 x Gasket
3 x Inlet air hose clip
2 x Outlet air hose clip
6 x Oil pipe clip
5 x Washer
6 x Nut
6 x Screw
8 x Self tapping screw
1 Set Nylon cable ties

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