110V 6L Ultrasound Washing Cleaner

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1. When the temperature of the water reaches 50°C, the product will stop working immediately and display "---", It can continue to be used normally after 15 minutes.
2. The vibration part must be immersed in water before connectting power. Do not power on without being immersed in water.
3. Please do not disassemble the ultrasonic cleaner without authorization. Otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the ultrasonic machine.
4. The amount of noise depends on different containers. For example, when the cleaner used in a glass container, the noise is greater than used in a plastic container.
5. Please do not put the control part in water. It's not waterproof.
6. Please use the ordinary temperature water. The warm water and the hot water are forhibitted!
Portable Mini Ultrasonic Cleaner — Advanced ultrasonic technology with hydro-electric motors cleans dirt, debris and chemicals at the microscopic level. Remove tough stains from underwear and effectively sanitize fruits/vegetables from chemicals and pesticides.it's an efficient "ultrasonic washing machine".
1. Sterilization effect 81.76% — Compared with cleaning object with boiling water, this ultrasonic cavitation device disinfects better while also being eco-friendly.It can be called the best ultrasonic cleaner.
2. Remove pesticide residues 98% — Simply place the Ultrasonic Washing Device into a sink with 6L of water, with advanced ultrasonic cleaning technology, Effectively cleans pesticide residues on the surface of vegetables and fruits.
3. Cleaning personal items — could clean Razors、Watches、Jewelry、Glasses and Makeup Tools.It can replace ultrasonic jewelry cleaner,ultrasonic glasses cleaner、ultrasonic parts washer.It can be called the best ultrasonic cleaner.
4.Absolutely Quiet— Completely silent during use so your roommates (and your neighbors) can sleep sound.
5.Easy to carry — It is very suitable for carrying when you are traveling or traveling. your could use to clean children clothes、sock、baby's bottle or tableware at home.
6. Self-protection — When the temperature of the water reaches 50°C, the product will stop working immediately. 


Voltage: AC110V
Frequency: 50kHZ(default)
Cleaning capacity : Less than 2kg
Recommended maximum water capacity : 6L
Power: 70w
Size : 126x73x41mm
Net weight:0.39kg
What it can clean ?
Underclothes ,Fruit ,Vegetables ,Children clothes,Sock,Razors,Cups ,Watches ,Jewelry,Tableware ,Glasses ,Baby's bottle and more

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