40K Cavitation Body Slimming anti cellulite Weight Loss Ultrasonic Machine

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Product working theory & efficacy

The fat-blasting device comes with the fat reducing theory of ultrasonic which produces high density energy. When the ultrasonic penetrates deeply to skin, the ultra wave can alienate fat cells to cause voids, these voids will implode to release the accumulated ultra sonic energy and trigger ultra fast micro vibration to burn fat instantly. This weight losing method enjoys the feature that zero hurts to skin tissues and lymph. Also this device helps user to tighten and lift skin to shape you a dream figure.

Product efficacy

85% resolved fat will be channeled out of body through lymph system, 15% fat will be translated into sugar via liver to support man’s daily activities.

1. This weight reducing device can be a alternative of liposuction.

2. This device helps in tightening and lifting skin, also promote skin blood circulation.

3. Helps users to relax and massage their skin and muscles.

4. Effective in reducing weight and resolve fat under skin.

5. Effective to remove cellulite and helps parturient to solve problems like sagging belly after childbirth.

Device technology

1. World class fat blasting technology

2. Applicable for all skin types

3. Painless, zero skin hurts, no skin tissue damages

4. Easy operation, convenient to use

5. Effective and safe

Device features

1. Reduce weight without surgery

2. No hurt and bleeding

3. Zero adverse effects

4. No damages to skin tissues

5. Easy to operate

Product parameters

Frequency: 40--60Hz

Energy output: 30--60J/cm2

Power: 90W

Weight: 4.0Kg

Product size: 280*280*130mm

Power input: 100--240V 0.8A (MAX)

Package Includes:

1 x Main Machine

1 x RF Head

1 x Power Adapter

1 x English Manual

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