16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer Twisted Spin Cut for Plant

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Super Lightweight (made out of stainless steel)
Easy use and easy carry
With stainless steel twist spin blades
Clear plastic top for visual cutting
Safe and no flower damage
Compact design requires minimal space
Easy to clean after use
Clear plastic top for better visibility
Note: when replacing the blade and cleaning the machine, please store and clean the blade carefully to prevent cutting.


Material: stainless steel + PC + silicone
Size: 43.5 cm * 43.5 cm * 28 cm
Weight: 6.5kg


1*Acrylic transparent cover
24* Black rubber strip and black rubber ring
1* Stainless steel mesh and basin
4* Rubber column
1* Serrated blade for dry trim
1* Straight blade for wet trim
1* Scissors

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