12V Electric Fin Stand Up Paddle surfboard rechargable

SKU: 8258671-battery-box

Color: battery box


360° water intake for best efficiency safety first The power pack is connected to the user with a leash for automatic shut-off to prevent runaway if you fall in the water. emergency stop switch on the battery case. the battery case is waterproof. up to 6 km/h performance. The battery can run for 60 minutes for a lower gear, or 30 minutes for a high gear fit sup board, kayak, etc easy installation and operation remote control with armband light weighted. total package 4.3kg including battery and motor


motor power: 240W, 12V DC 2.5kg(5.5lbs) in weight battery: 30*21cm in size, 1.25kg(2.8lbs) in weight; 11.1V DC, 8.8AH; charger: 12.6V DC, 5.0A, 230V/50Hz up to 60 minutes of runtime, 4-6km/h in speed

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