What is the best use of household oxygen machine?

Oxygen concentration of about 93%. 1-5L adjustable flow, oxygen content in control. One-click start, simple operation. Silicone nasal suction pipe, oxygen tube, safe and tasteless. A machine top two, double sharing. Oxygen, atomization, beauty and other functions. So you can use low prices can enjoy high-quality products and services. Description: Features: 1.Concentrations up to 90%, the flow can be adjusted from 1L to 5L. 2.excellent filtering performance. 3.Intelligent control is convenient to use. 4.Mute design more comfortable,less than 45 db. Read more about What is the best use of household oxygen machine?[…]

How to use oxygen machine

The role of oxygen in the body is like gasoline in the car. It promotes the entry of nutrients into cells, transporting waste, and allowing the various parts of the body to function more coherently. Some diseases consume oxygen that should have been reasonably used for the body. Chronic respiratory diseases, heart disease and nervous Read more about How to use oxygen machine[…]