Parents quiz: baby health know how much

The child’s health is often a whole family most concerned about the issue, gave birth to a small cold are enough to let parents fear. Especially in the quality of life is getting better nowadays, many parents for children’s health issues more and more attention, through books, child care programs and the surrounding people to teach and so can master child care common sense. However, do you really have the child’s health? What should parents do to help the child grow up? Do you really understand? The following questions will be a test.

When is your child going to the dentist for the first time:

A. When he grows his first tooth

B. All his teeth are long

C. his children began to change their teeth

Correct answer:A

The tooth decay may be earlier than the place of your imagination, the study shows that two or three years old or older to see the dentist child may already need treatment, the American Academy of Dentistry recommends that all children grow their first teeth or 1 year old When to do a check.

In addition to breastfeeding should also give the child:

A. provide vitamin D

B. provide compound vitamins

C. do not need to provide anything. Breast milk can provide everything you need for your child

Correct answer:A

 How much physical activity does your child need every day?

A.30 minutes

B.60 minutes

C. Exercise Guidance applies only to adults

Correct answer: B

You do not need to ask your child to go to the gym, but be sure to ensure that your child has enough exercise at any age, aerobic exercise can strengthen muscle training and strengthen the bones.

 If your child has a bad cold, then he needs an antibiotic.

A. right

B. wrong

Correct answer: B
Fresh breast milk is rich in nutrients to keep your child healthy, but it does not have enough vitamin D. Vitamin D can help the body absorb calcium. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children be given 10 micrograms (400 IU = 10ug) of vitamins every day until their children change their milk or milk. You can buy liquid-like vitamin D, drop by drop to feed the child.

Common cold, no matter how serious are caused by the virus. Antibiotics only work on bacteria, the virus is useless. Flu, most sore throat, rhinitis and ear infections are viral, so do not expect your doctor to come up with prescription to treat the child. In other words, some infections, such as septic pharyngitis are caused by bacteria, then this time your child needs antibiotics.

Ask the pediatrician problem is not bad, especially when your child feels particularly uncomfortable or his cold is longer than usual.

If you are all right, you will get an A + to keep your child healthy. Answer your description of your child’s health is not enough thorough understanding, need to continue to learn Oh.

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