How to use oxygen machine

The role of oxygen in the body is like gasoline in the car. It promotes the entry of nutrients into cells, transporting waste, and allowing the various parts of the body to function more coherently. Some diseases consume oxygen that should have been reasonably used for the body. Chronic respiratory diseases, heart disease and nervous system diseases lead to excessive oxygen consumption in the body, so it is necessary to provide oxygen for our bodies through external instruments such as oxygen.

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1. use the environment. The instrument can be placed in a cool but not particularly cold place to use, which is more conducive to oxygen absorption. Check whether the instrument is working properly before use, whether the pipe that transmits oxygen is smooth, and the valve at the top of the instrument is closed.
2. Check the pressure gauge every few hours. When the pressure gauge pointer reaches the red line, it means that the oxygen bottle should be replaced.
3. Close the old oxygen cylinder and remove the breathing hose with the respirator. Connect it to a new oxygen cylinder, slowly open the valve, let oxygen pass. Check the oxygen throughput and set the valve to reach the doctor’s recommended value.
4. Place the mask correctly. Place the mask or hose in the right position in the face or nose to ensure proper breathing.
5. Do not use oxygen equipment near the open flame location. No external pressure, oxygen rarely explode, but can make small fire bigger

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