Elderly travel should pay attention to safety

1. Old people travel to bring standing medication. Especially in elderly patients with chronic diseases, in addition to taking daily drugs, but also to prepare some special first aid medication.

2. The elderly should pay attention to the cold. Climate is volatile, when the wind and rain. When you go out to prepare enough clothes, carrying rain gear, footwear size appropriate, should not sit cold and wet stone to prevent rain, climbing downhill do not stand in the wind, to avoid cold disease. In the case of travel in the case of rain, home after the available ginger, onion and add appropriate amount of brown sugar, with water Jianfu clothes to drive the wind and cold. Before going to bed with hot water feet, sleeping feet moderate pad to promote foot blood circulation, as soon as possible to eliminate fatigue.

3. forget to carry a cane. The cane is the “third leg” of the elderly, so the old man should travel with a cane when traveling.

4. to prevent accidents. Action should be careful, by car, by boat, climbing are carefully arranged, it is best to take care, accompanied. Travel, the elderly should try to avoid steep trails, do not climb the mountain stone wall alone, so as to avoid accidents.

5. Attention to allergies. Have the history of allergies in the elderly, to try to avoid the flowers of the Department, but also in advance oral administration of anti-allergic drugs Pu Ermin to prevent pollen allergies.

6. Keep warm and warm. Spring climate changeable, capricious, turned warm again, easily lead to influenza and other respiratory diseases. Therefore, should be prepared enough to prepare clothing, supplies, etc., to prevent unexpected.

7. to prevent the recurrence of old disease. Off-site spring when the prone to allergic diseases and “acclimatized” disease, should pay attention to prevention. Usually need medication treatment, not unauthorized use, otherwise, can lead to recurrence of the disease, exacerbations or deterioration.

8. Pay attention to food hygiene. Travel, the appropriate increase in nutrition. On the local delicacies, snacks should be taste-based, one should not eat too much, but not overeating, so as not to cause indigestion and so on. But also pay attention to food hygiene, do not eat unclean, cold food, to prevent viral hepatitis, dysentery, typhoid and other intestinal infectious diseases into the mouth.

9. Anti-motion sickness. Motion sickness, seasickness, airsickness is the most common motion sickness, fasting,

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over fullness, fatigue and lack of sleep are common incentives to pay attention to avoid. Mild motion sickness, eyes closed or bed rest can be eliminated. The reaction can be more obvious in the first half an hour before the oral halo Haining, dizziness stop or the Atlantic. If the occurrence of motion sickness, and no drug treatment, acupuncture or massage Neiguan points, Zusanli points.

10. Do not overwork. Beautiful spring, beautiful mountains and rivers, often makes people indulge in pleasures without stop, non-stop to watch continuously. In this way, prone to excessive fatigue. If there is fatigue, sweating, dizziness, vertigo, palpitations and other symptoms, should rest as soon as possible, can not barely adhere to, suffering from cardiovascular disease in the elderly, should strengthen self-care.

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