Pregnant woman’s life precautions

Replenish blood

Women from 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, due to increased blood flow, plasma increased than red blood cells, the blood was diluted state, the number of hemoglobin than normal to lower. Many of the anemia in the late pregnancy, especially the larger fetus, twins, pregnant women have poor stomach absorption, pregnant women before the larger amount of menstruation, these conditions are more likely to cause severe anemia. In the late pregnancy because the fetus grows fast, the demand for blood, so pregnant women prone to anemia.
First, may cause anemia, heart disease, pregnancy-induced hypertension and other diseases. Second, because the fetus’s blood from the mother’s one-way flow to the fetus, so anemia will be lighter than the mother, but serious can cause stillbirth, miscarriage, or child growth retardation.
Since the anemia of harm, for pregnant women, what kind of anemia need to make up the drug, which need to eat it?
To determine whether the need to use the standard of blood medicine is that the average person’s hemoglobin is normally 13 grams per liter, pregnant women is 11 grams per liter, as long as no less than 10 grams per liter do not need drugs. Do not recommend pregnant women to prevent anemia away to take some blood medicine, there must be a clear indication in the examination to determine the iron deficiency anemia and then use these drugs.
Anemia, common complications for pregnancy, which is mainly nutritional deficiencies of iron deficiency. Late pregnancy, the prevalence of anemia can be as high as 40%. Anemia has a negative effect on pregnant women and the fetus.
Pregnant women should be more cautious blood should first go to the hospital to check whether the normal hemoglobin, and then determine whether the need for blood. Each pregnant woman during pregnancy should receive three anemia check, the first time in the diagnosis of pregnancy; the second time in five or six months; In addition, in the production of about two weeks before, do the last check.
Pregnant women for blood, should be under the guidance of a doctor. If the blind iron, will only lead to iron poisoning, a serious impact on the health of the fetus and pregnant women. Pregnant women should pay more attention to the nutritional supplement of nutrition, the use of safe and effective blood method, such as added with astragalus, angelica and other ingredients of blood products.
1, early pregnancy (the first 3 months). During this period, the growth of the fetus is slow, and the nutritional needs are basically the same as before pregnancy. If nausea, vomiting reaction, try to adapt to pregnant women, appetite, supply pregnant women like food. Small to reduce the vomiting reaction, can provide more dry food, such as biscuits, biscuits, baked bread dry, bread dry, vomiting serious, eat more vegetables, fruits and other alkaline food to prevent acidosis.
2, mid-pregnancy (4-7 months). During this period, the growth and development of the fetus is fast, so it should supply more nutritious foods such as eggs, milk, lean meat, fish, beans and vegetables, fruits, supply vegetables and fruits rich in cellulose and pectin, such as celery, Leeks, apples, pears, etc., to prevent constipation.
3, the end of pregnancy (the last 2 months). Fetal growth faster, and the fetus in the storage of nutrients in this period the most, so pregnant women must be rich in nutrients in all meals to ensure the rapid growth of the fetus needs. Food varieties, such as fine grains, whole grains, soybeans and their products, animal foods and vegetables, fruits, should be added to food diversification to expand nutrient sources. If pregnant women lower extremity edema phenomenon, you should use low-salt diet, supply adequate protein, such as milk to burn eggs, braised fish, fried liver and so on.
Pregnant women should pay attention to nutrition, a comprehensive supplement, the use of safe and effective blood method. Practice has proved that by adjusting and improving the irrational dietary structure of pregnant women, to ensure the supply of adequate heat and protein, to provide adequate iron, vitamin c, such as liver, lean meat and fresh vegetables, can effectively prevent and correct pregnant women Anemia, the effect is better than drug therapy.
Thin look, Mommy to prepare the stuff can be really much ah. Yeah, add a little baby, just more so many items to come. In fact, the status of each hospital is not the same, you are not the same situation, Mommy is not the same, to prepare the items are not the same, Mommy should be consulted in the hospital before the hospital for what supplies, try to do light , But not the lack of that little. If it is really less of some items, do not worry, and now the hospital has a special canteen, the hospital is also generally close to the baby shop, it is necessary to hard to fill the missing things.


Exercise during pregnancy need to pay great attention to the choice of sports, exercise time, sports, etc., to avoid sports injuries. Throughout the pregnancy, pregnant women in the exercise, we need to pay attention to the following principles:
1, throughout the pregnancy should avoid abdominal compression, severe vibration of the abdominal movement, such as sprint, jump, etc .;
2, if the number of heartbeat after exercise, more than 130 times per minute, it should terminate the event, adjust the exercise program;
3, exercise and exercise time should not be too long, the longest should not be more than half an hour;
4, in the course of exercise to be careful use of music, so as to avoid the joy of music in the movement caused by excessive, causing fatigue, damage the body;
5, exercise the amount of exercise to 5 to 10 minutes after exercise can be restored to the heart rate before exercise, the body without discomfort for the degree

Sleeping position

After pregnancy, many pregnant mother is not very understanding of pregnant women, what is the correct sleeping position, so easy to cause insomnia during pregnancy, sleepy heavy. What is the correct sleeping position of pregnant women in the end?
1, left side lying, is the correct sleeping position of pregnant women. Pregnant women correct sleeping position, will make pregnant women sleep quietly.
2, the general heart on the left, so sleep is best on the right side lying, because it can reduce the oppression of the heart. But pregnant women on the contrary, because as the pregnancy longer, the uterus continues to increase, and even occupy the entire abdominal cavity, which will make the adjacent tissues and organs are squeezed, the uterus to varying degrees to the right rotation, so that the protection of the uterus ligaments and Membrane in a state of tension, the mesenterum to provide nutrition to the uterus blood vessels are also pulled, will affect the fetal oxygen supply, easy to make fetal chronic hypoxia.
3, pregnant women to take the left side of the sleeping position, you can reduce the right rotation of the uterus, alleviate uterine insufficiency, fetal growth and development and production of pregnant women is beneficial.


The device is high performance fetal heart rate detector which statisfile the requirement of hospital,clinic,community and home FHR examination.the device consits of ultrasonc signal emitter and receiver,computer process unit,Color LCD disply,speaker,keystroke and power supply.


Ergonomic design, compact and light

low power inspection of the battery

Battery status indicator

Easy-to-use,the probe can be changed.

Built-in, Speaker with volume control

Socket for earphone or export audio signal to computer or other audio device

Accurate FHR detection with clear sound

High sensitivity interchangeable probe

Support 3MHZ probe



Anti-electroshock Type: Internally powered equipment.

Liquid Proof Degree:IPX1,common instrument,waterproof

Degree of Safety in Presence of Flammable Gases:

Equipment not suitable for use in presence of flammable gases

Working System: Continuous running equipment

EMC: Group I Class B

Physical Characteristic:

Size: 130mm (Length) ×95mm (Width) ×35 (Height) mm

Weight: About 250g



Temperature: +5°C~+40°C

Humidity: 25~80%

Atmospheric Pressure: 70 kPa~l06kPa

Transport and Storage:

Temperature: -10°C~+55°C

Humidity: ≤93%

Atmospheric Pressure: 50 kPa~l06kPa

Auto Shut-OFF: After 1 minute no signal, power off automatically

Battery Type Recommended: Two pieces of 1.5V battery


Working Frequency:3.0MHz

P-: <0.5MPa



Packing Include:

1 x Color LCD Fetal Doppler

1 x English user’s manual

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